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Philips Jocelyn
Thames & Hudson
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Collect Contemporary Photography

‘Fascinating … the perfect guide to understanding the mysteries of collecting photography’ – Black and White Photography

Learn how to begin building a collection of enduring relevance and value, identifying the ‘antiques of tomorrow’ in the contemporary collecting market – modern works that also have the stamp of timeless collectibles.

The individual photograph exists as both image and physical object, and often the same image may be printed in different versions or media, which makes collecting decisions more complex.

From discovering photographers to determining editions and displaying prints,Collect Contemporary Photography accompanies collectors through the whole process of acquiring photographic works, while providing guidance on practical matters including information about different photographic techniques.

• Price guide to cover all collecting budgets
• Expert advice by leading specialists in the field with many years’ experience in the auction market and a vast knowledge of the subject
• Compact, handy format with beautiful colour illustrations
• Vital background information about materials and techniques
• How to take care of precious pieces, storage and display
• In-depth profiles of forty established and emerging contemporary artists from across the world
• Biographies of the artists with details of exhibitions and awards
• International galleries, museums and art dealers 
• Fairs, events and schools

Forty photographers to consider when collecting are profiled in detail, with information about their background and training, and sources of inspiration. The selection is truly international, covering the United States, Germany, Turkey, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and beyond. Photography lovers and collectors will feel inspired by the diversity and creativity of the artists. Among the featured names are Gregory Crewdson with his well-known Twilight scenes, Denis Darzacq with his freeze-frame photographs of Paris youths, Julia Fullerton-Batten with her images of teenage girls, Youssef Nabil with his hand-coloured star portraits and Izima Kaoru with his fictional death scenes.

Jocelyn Phillips is Head of the Photography department at Bonhams, London. She previously worked at Sotheby’s, London, where she was responsible for sourcing and valuing photographic prints for sale. She has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the field, and her particular interest lies in contemporary photography. Phillips also lectures widely on photography.

Malcolm Cossons is an experienced writer and editor, and has a vast and up-to-date knowledge of collecting trends across many media, from contemporary art to jewelry. He edits Sotheby’s monthly magazine and has contributed to a range of publications including the Financial Times, V&A Magazine andArtsAsiaPacific.

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